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Child's Heart Association is a non-profit organization dedicated and is based on values on aiding  children born with congenital heart defects after cardiac transplantation, or children during difficult period of adaptation to society. Such an organization in Lithuania is the only one that provides ongoing financial and moral help for these kids and their parents.


Child's Heart Association is ECHDO (European Congenital Heart Disease Organization) member.

Lithuania annually about 300 babies are born with heavier or lighter heart disease.  Two children waiting for a donor heart.

VUL Santariškės Clinic Heart Surgery Centre, eight out of every year thousands of babies born with heart disease. Every ten young patient health status is critical, because cardiac surgery should be performed already during the first hours of life.  Total Cardiac Surgery Centre annually makes about 250 urgent complex cardiac surgeries for neonates and children, about 50 of them - in the first hours of life baby.  Many of them have successfully operated on and live a full life. Part of heart health problems, a whole life.

We would be very grateful if you would support or transfer to the support and compassionate account of 2% income tax for children with heart conditions and those who have donor hearts already and need further support for medication.


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